Put The Bullies In Their Place !

Physical bullying at school, as depicted in th...

Physical bullying at school, as depicted in the film Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The age old tradition of bullying. no matter how far we have come in the evolution of mankind some things never change and I believe they never will. and bullying is one of them that comes to mined. we could analyze the fact some people who are bully’s have family issues at home, have some sort of learning disability or anger issues.

But when it really comes down to it does all of that truly matter ? so since some indidvuals in school have some sort of psychological problems we must piety them . I think pitying a disturbed person is the wrong approach. making sure they get some help is the right idea.

Before I  diagnose these kids in school, let’s look at the nature of fighting. we get involved in a suffer with someone based on misunderstanding, social status, rumors, personal style, persons lack of self confidence/weakness and their over all body size.

Oh let’s not forget you should not talk to that football players girlfriend because even though you guys are just friends she is his property…right ? this one always makes me laugh a thousand chuckles !

All of us know if you are nervous indidvuals in school most people will read it as a weakness even though you may not be nervous about them. you may in fact feel pressure about tests or will I keep up my grades so I can take that 3D animation class next semester .

It could be a number of things, but to the savage cavemen in your school he does not care what your issue is. he can smell your weakness from miles away and must indulge in combating you because your weakness’ makes him absolutely sick to his stomach.

Of course he does not realize this and only feels irritated by you ,so the issue between you and him must be engaged. avoiding the bully will only makes things worse it is always the story no matter what decade you were a kid in.

I am not going to go into the whole of a fight many of you understand how it works and me repeating it to you, I make always be playing a broken record. I will let your guidance counselors handle that lol  unless you have been out of school for many years.

Now this next section may seem harsh to some of you but it is for your own good. the survival rate of students these days in social situations is horrible and needs to be fixed period ! ok here comes the harsh reality of it all now. love me or hate either way realize I am speaking the truth through experience, and seeing others go through it the same way.

This is for you high school and college student‘s of the present and future generation’s !

Bullying seems to be overly exposed in society today. and made out to be some major hate crime that deserves the same attention as let’s say cereal killers.

Either you defended yourself win or lose the fight, or you were picked on daily. not just by the bullies, in time even by the ones picked on by the bullies. because you would not defend yourself against any Individual.
I believe in the U.S. the youth meaning you ! is becoming way too soft and overly emotional towards every issue in life. I have had ups and downs as far back as I can remember as I am sure you many of you have had or are having.
Kids today either have no backbone or they commit some crazy ass act like shooting their fellow peers in school. instead of just sucking it up confronting the individual that is harassing them and dealing with them one on one. if the idea of one on one is possible some people will fight you in groups. that way the bully has no chance of losing.
There is even an issue with that, because now you go to jail for fighting in school. which is completely ridicules. taking away someone’s natural way of defense is sicking. maybe you will not fight because let’s say you are an  honor role student. if you fight it goes against your record and this could hurt your chances of attending that prestigious college you dream of going to.
If someone is writing blogs creating some sick ass lies about you. well you can either do the same back which some people do. or report it to the site to have it taken down for slander. some sites might not take their content down to be honest because it infringes on the indidvuals freedom of speech. I have had the most disturbing things written about me that would made most people vomit. so there is nothing left in the world that anyone could make up about me. so now I laugh and say do your best wait the best has already been done. all you can do now is writing someone nice about  lol
Anyways if you know this person in day to day life, well I say confront them and handle it one on one. go at it and if you can not beat their ass by all means make sure you leave some nice marks on them to remember you by. hopefully they will learn their lesson, most bullies do when the weak person busts their lip or leaves bruises on their flesh.
I am not telling you to fight, I am just saying you must decide what is the best course of action for you ;)
Just remember this the people that talk a big game or shit or how ever you want to phase it. are nothing but pathetic losers, that in reality are no bodies and only feel power when they write blogs,talk shit in social groups or make videos about you.
I have told indidvuals too meet me in person and let’s discuss their issues with me over a cup of coffee. what happened you may ask ? all of them make up a thousand excuses of why they are too busy or something as come up so no deal. what does that make you think of them ? hopefully you will see they are cowards. and I am willing to bet all of the people picking on you online. are just as pathetic as the losers that have came after me.
Btw I am a small guy 5’9 174 pounds oh no I such a huge monster run !!! I am intimidating  lol
I know I will probably be banned from word press or contacted by some non charity group about this article. and told I am handling it  the wrong way.  really ?  am I ?
So it is better for kids to be picked so much that their only release is too shoot up people in a school ? how is that better ?
I have lost many battles , still if I did not at least defend myself once in a while I would have become a huge target or some crazy asshole in the news destroying many peoples lives. because I would not take a swing at a bully. it is better to have scares and bruises dust off your feet and raise up another day. knowing you did your best defending who you are and having honor then running away like a coward.
I ran away a couple times in my past and I still regret it today. because it set me back a couple years. that is why I am sharing my thought’s with you. I have been the weakling picked on even once in a while the bully. and in other times being who I truly am the lone wolf. I not anti social but I prefer a good amount of time by myself.
Another thing I wanted to mention before I end this article. if the rage is too strong and you feel as if you are going to explode ! stat drawing, painting or go out side and beat the hell out of a tree with a baseball bat. play football even if you suck at it ! anything too get all your emotions in check. do not worry the tree will not be mad at you. all life has a creation and destruction process.  but thank the tree for letting you release your frustrations on it ok  lol
If someone posts nude photos of you on the net, tell yeah I am that sexy you know you want me . play it off as if it does not bother you the bullies win the minute you start to crumble.Last serious thought , if you start running now you may never stop, and develop anxieties and phobia’s  beyond your imagination that will messed up enjoyable social and  career opportunities  you may be passionate about.
When pain and rage builds up, all rational thought is lost ! tell a bully to stick  a 2×4 up their ass and smile every time they have someone pull out all of those splinters lol
I know I did  not cover the issue of  kids with psychological issues , I will save that topic for another time.
Thanks for reading enjoy your day or night wherever you may be in this crazy chaotic world !
By Gino Vaglivielo

Can One’s Satanism Be Defined ?

Pentagram Wallpaper

Pentagram Wallpaper (Photo credit: nzhamstar)

These begs the question can ones form of Satanism truly be defined ? and if not what does that really mean ? let me explain. let’s say you ask a Satanist what there belief system is, as far as mythology ,rituals ,prayers , and archetype of satan goes. how many with give you a straight answer or run towards the virtual exit, trying to avoid the question. is it because they feel insecure about revealing it ? or is it the fact they truly do not have a clear cut answer to the question ?

Now it does not make them a horrible person, maybe they want to keep their practices private. many are still experimenting with all types of practices and ideas. there is nothing wrong with any of those scenarios. the question is why are so many Satanists obsessed with  finding out what other Satanists believe and practice. is it curiosity ? or is it something more ? do they want to ridicule them ?  and once they find out tell them that they believe in the wrong way so they need change their core beliefs or it is not real satanism ?

I for one am always fascinated with what other Satanists believe. I ask because they might tell me something I never heard of before. maybe I will be so fascinated with what they are telling me, I might start to study it myself. to me Satanism will always be a every changing path for the individual . every time you read someone’s blog or check out one of their new videos, something in their practice could have changed. that is what interests me what changed in their practice and why ? not that all of them will give you a detailed description of why it changed.  they do not have too either it is all about what someone feels comfortable enough to discuss with you.

I can be honest and say , I can not give anyone a blueprint of my personal Satanism if asked on the spot. why some of you may ask ? because it constantly changes with time. one minute I am really into a certain idea or practice. the next minute it is no longer useful  and I am looking for it’s replacement . that is how I have always worked. if I told you of how many archetypes  I have used for satan ,you would say come on man pick one and stick with it already !

Like usual I am sharing my random scattered thoughts with all of you !

By Gino Vaglivielo

Pagans Come On Really !

English: A woman wearing a cow Halloween costume.

English: A woman wearing a cow Halloween costume. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pagans come on really ??? is this an important issue to give your uninvited attention to ? a couple of talk show hosts on Fox News discussing topics on their show voicing  their opinions of stories that pop up in the news.

Not everything that’s discussed on the show these talk show hosts have a vast knowledge of that much is true. think about it they read an article on the internet or in the newspaper late that night or a couple hours before the show begins. then they form their own personal opinion of the incident.

Why would they need to be knowledgeable of everything issue they discuss ? that just sounds ridiculous !  these individuals  talk about news from all over the country and world it is impossible for them to have vast knowledgeable about every single issue in life.

So now before any of us speak either on t.v. the internet or in public we must spend hours even weeks before anything comes out of our mouths on any given subject ? well I guess everyone will become a mute. because that is not going to happen not now not ever.

So instead of addressing more important issues dealing with your religion you decide to complain about these Individuals that poked a little fun at your expense . So what ! Do you really think that you are the only ones with a religious practice that have been poked fun at through the years ?

Many minority religions and even main stream religions are constantly picked on for actions they draw too much attention to themselves. these talk show hosts do not understand why paganism is getting so many holidays recognized by the University of Missouri . maybe in a way they feel a little threated or maybe not .we usually feel threated and poke fun at things we do not truly understand. that is just human nature in my humble opinion.

Yes they picked on Halloween, guess what most likely they come from a Christian up bringing and only know the mainstream practice of it in the united states. which is children dressing up in costumes having a good time going door to door with their friends and saying trick or treat for some goodies.

If I had no clue that there is more to Halloween then that I would think it is a silly holiday as well. you can honestly tell me you do not poke fun at any religion that you have come across ?

If you say you never have I call you a liar !  all of us poke fun at people regardless if it is about religion, politics, fashion, intelligence etc   the only difference is a lot of us do it in private to avoid long heated debates like this . people calling us out saying how cruel and unfeeling we are towards others. Yes I am a bad person so now I will put my head down in shame and promise to be a good little citizen. that is never going to happen so do not waste your time preaching to me because it will work on Individual like me.  I am not going to change my views because someone calls me out on the internet or in public.

So I suggest you regroup with your peers research more important issues within Paganism that really need to be dealt with and move on !

By Gino Vaglivielo

Stop Looking Up My Skirt !


I know what you are thinking why would a guy use such a title for his article ? Dude do you wear skirts ? in fact that would be most people’s reactions. and understandable so especially if you do not know me personally. the answer to this question is no , I do not wear women’s skirts. not that there is anything wrong with a man wearing women’s skirt, if it makes you feel good do it. this could be another subject for another article.

What I mean by stop looking up my skirt is purely symbolic. it simply means stay out of my business ! especially if you feel I have no value or importance in this world in your eyes. Why pay me so much attention ? That is my question. do I amuse you when you have free time at work or are you just really bored off your ass at home ?

Now I know some people become curious about those that do not fit the norm in everyday society. which there is nothing wrong with that I am a curious animal myself. The question always pops up in my mind, what do people find interesting about me ? and if they have a burning question, why will they not just ask? I will not bite, hell use a fake name when contacting me I will answer honestly either way.

The couple of individual’s that have asked me questions in private, has mostly been about some of my personal views on sexuality and spirituality. mostly they were giving me kudos for speaking up about both issues without reservation . some of the female bloggers have wrote saying they would like to see me dressing feminine for them personally. and that is fine I take it as a complement everyone has personal fetishes .

I honestly think even when people look up my skirt of knowledge ,they still can not get a good grasp of who I am. there is so much content just in my videos explaining things in detail. so I can not understand what they are missing . All I can think of is since there is no physical connection, that is where they feel unsure of the type of person I really am.

That is something I can not help with, I will not fly state to state for a meet up. but there is always google hangouts. in this sense you can see and hear me in real time. so hit me up some time people I am not hard to find ;)

It has never been the people that want to study me that I have an issue with. just those that read up on me and become all bent out of shape and want to start pissing matches with me.

I in fact I could give in to their requests. in the end though what would I gain from it ?

A internet warrior trophy for MVP douche bag of the year !

we are in the very beginning of the 2013 so I am sure there is a huge list of people that are up for the award .

People will be who they are regardless of what you think of them just as you will be who you are regardless of your haters.if you hate me so much ignore me ,it is a very simple task that takes less then a minute I promise you just like your sex life .Block my videos, un scribe form this blog block my google plus and twitter .I assure you I will not exist in your world anymore. unless you love to hate me so much you can not spend more then a couple days without recharging your disgust for me.

I rambled on long enough in this article I am sure you get the point, if not write me and I will explain more.

By Gino Vaglivielo

What Is The Obsession With Having Enemies ?

think stencil art & graffiti cat

think stencil art & graffiti cat (Photo credit: urbanartcore.eu)

A lot of us try to figure out what is the purpose of an enemy . or is there a purpose for them at all ?
I definitely see their purpose to a certain degree. everyone in the world has someone they dislike on some higher level which would be considered hate. some enemies were originally friends and too me that makes the role of the enemy filled with much more passion attention grabbing for both individuals .

When friends become enemies it is always an interested formula that both parties practice. it reminds me of old 1970’s martial art films where too men will fight one another every time they are within the same space. everyone is watching hoping one will kill the other, instead they fight almost to the point of death but pull back at the last moment and walk away. now was this that ? if you truly hate this person that was once a friend now an enemy why did he not give the final blow to end their life ?

I happen to think sometimes no matter how much we have hatred for our former friend, feelings of old still sit in the back of our minds. and based on these old memories of joy, fighting them for eternity seems more appealing then ending their lives.still you yearn for their company just not in the same fashion like it was many years ago. I have had this experience, you have a reservation when battling some of your former friends over people you always hated. not everyone feels this way but I have in the past.

One friend turned enemy helped me out getting this creep out of the area with both lived in. for over an hour we were a chaotic unbeatable team like the old days. there was enough knowledge of one another to trust for the time being to rid our neighborhood of this cancer we both hated dearly.after everything was all said and done we gave one another the enemy stare once again and walk in opposite directions. a couple times both of us looked back watching the other person become further away in the distance.

I admit it felt good to be with them even though it was under hostile situations. for that exact moment we teamed up it and felt like old times. I never really let go of those memories and I think he did kept them as well or teaming up that day would have never happened. maybe our humanity outweighed our irrational thinking ?

Now on being enemies with people that are not your friends or in fact strangers puzzles me. where does this dislike for someone in this situation come from ? is it the way you dress ? the way you act ? your personal views on culture and religion? what is the real source of this time consuming emotion and thought process ? I have always had enemies as far back as I can remember I would say around six or seven years old is when it started. people have always had a high level of hate for me. the funny thing is unlike the people I mentioned earlier most of my enemies I have barely spoken a word to not in fact not a word at all.

I have had many discussions and still push the debate around today. how can you hate someone that you are more intelligent, successful, better looking, own the nice expansive house, cars and date drop dead gorgeous people ? I always thought having an enemy was based on being envious of this person who has something you can not have but desperately desire.

Majority of all my enemies have so much more going for them in life. I often tried to question their hatred for me. I never received a answer that made sense or could end my endless conversations with people about the idea of a person that makes you their enemy. being competitive with someone trying to receive the spot light and gain all the glory would make perfect sense for having an enemy or at least a rival .

Let me state not all my enemies were trying to beat me down mentally showing off their social status. a large number of them started physical fights with me, which can defiantly charge the emotions of your hatred for them one hundred times over.

I understand enemies on the battle field village vs village country vs country . you are defending your way of life people who you know that live in your area and people you love dearly.

How we create enemies today makes me wonder do we have way too much time on our hands? if you look at the internet and these enemies battling it out on social networks, like Facebook, MySpace, You Tube, Google Plus, Sound Cloud and many more. you start to laugh inside and begin to think maybe some of us are allowing our minds too decrease back to the level of intelligence back in our adolescent days. I do not know about you, but I do not want to attend elementary school all over again.

Maybe we hate these people because they have the same qualities about them that we hate passionately about ourselves. in a way that can make sense for having an enemy. still even then it seems very time consuming to battle with them. in the end what will it achieve? is there any eternal glory waiting for you ?

Isn’t it better to work on being who you want to be ? even if you are already there, still there are wonderful things to experience out there is this world. we only live once so keep on taking bites of the forbidden fruit or that bloody steak or whatever object you want to use for your symbolism of embracing knowledge and all the wonders of life.

Life is not about making everything seem perfect or attempting to portray life from your one of your favorite films. all of us have our own subjective outlook of how life is and even how we think it should be.

By Gino Vaglivielo

My Internal & External Self

extraversion + introversion

extraversion + introversion (Photo credit: tind)

This is an interesting topic how do some people define their personality in society. meaning are we full of energy expressing ourselves out loud or are we internally expressing ourselves. only realizes it through writing and some other form of art. What I am speaking about is how do we define if we are a Introvert or an extrovert ? or do we meet someone where in the middle ?

After reading articles taking online quizzes and watching videos made by Introverts and extrovert’s I was beginning to realize some traits I share with them. even listening to a best selling introvert author Susan Cain and her battle with functioning in a society that is dominated by extroverts.

I definitely related to her audio interview she was expressing how some introverts will pretend to be extrovert’s to get ahead in life besides it is expected of you to be this way in a sense. as a child I thrived off having only a couple friends in school and only would spend time with one of them out of school. I preferred the one on one conversation even back then. which even that made me feel like a odd duck since how many eight year olds want to discuss life ?

I was one of those kids, that preferred speaking with adults because of the longing for conversations and would pick a teacher to have discussions with. Most of my friends through out my life were older then me and the ones that were around my same age as me the friendship faded very quickly.

let me give you an example I played sports off and on threw out my life but I dreaded being around all those people for a large amount of time form the players to the audience . I had a passion to play sports, so I closed off everyone around me and kept everything internal while otter’s on the field were expressing themselves externally .

Another example would be my obsession with playing in my backyard as a kid by myself. since the kids in the neighborhood would not stick to the story line the play I was trying to put together I stopped inviting them to join in on the masterpiece . they did not have the focus and at times added too much Hollywood glamour to the mix which I still distaste this sort of mind set today.

So I played all the roles myself in my mind and all went well. I had no problem playing by myself for hours at a time it was more gratifying the rewards were endless because I was the director and the cast .

Later on I would start writing fictional stories at the age of fourteen but I began to write articles at my middle school in journalism class at the age of twelve and I was one of the best students. so I started out writing articles then pursued writing short stories. at fourteen I swear I was writing fictional stories that were between 97 to 167 pages long. and this was not a story everyone month I put out stories this huge two to three times a month a and that does not include my journal writings. I think I am going to start writing fiction once again since that is my strong point and most enjoyable form or the written word.

I would rather stay in my apartment all dreaming up horror and sci fi stories then playing outside with the other kids. my family was always trying to push me to interact with people in the neighborhood. I kept telling them I was happy in my own little world creating visions of a world people can take a break from reality. I did not use those exact worked back then but it is what I was getting at just different usages of words.

Later on in life I started to experiment with crafts which I learned from mom I watched her create little fantasy creatures for hours. it is a fun process the creating of unusual things cute ,funny or even scary .

Relating too people has always been an issue either we do not share any of the same hobbies, our intelligence levels are not on the same level as one another. or the most common one with me is people hate my opinions but do not care to remember they asked the questions first :)

I do not claim to be an expert I just have a high opinion of my opinion. many people see me as a shy quite guy or a stuck up snob which is furthest from the truth. I just think before I speak so I can give the best answer to whatever I was asked I like taking my tie with my thoughts.

Now if you have seen any of my videos you may get the wrong idea I am this outgoing crazy funny guy. I can be at times but most of the time I enjoy being by myself. and when I do prefer some company I want to talk abut life and all it’s mix matched ideas and experience’s .

I am a inner chaos in a sense I can create a magickal world and make it a reality as long as it fits into our physical laws other wise it would be a waste of time.

Last thing I wish to share with you is dating the wonderful world of hang ups and illusion’s of people who do not exist. I am a very picky person once again I tried the open minded I will date anyone game and that landed me in Dante‘s infernal way to many times.

I have a list which I am going to rewrite and I believe everyone should have a written list of things one desire in a persona and things they do not desire in a person. also list what refuse to put up with that is always a good idea. why cause yourself stress and drama twenty four seven.

I will admit certain features of a persons body I have a desire or appreciation for and I a not afraid to admit it. but I desire a intelligent lover because I need a balance I do not want to talk to myself, beauty and intelligence must go hand in hand for me. and what I mean by intelligence is someone that is a thinker can analyze life and express their thoughts and opinions. I do not mean you had to attend Hartford or Yale University. I have not even attended college yet even if I did I would still not hold that against someone.

But I will leave the details of my partner preferences for another article.

To me reality is the key be who you truly are do not let others make you feel bad because you do not fit the accepted role of chartist of people in society. societies opinions change constantly and always spinning in circles let the society worshippers bask in their delusional reality.

Until next time remember be the inventor of your own existence your world is your reality !

By Gino Vaglivielo

Pseudo Guitar Ritual

I know some of you may find this odd, strange stupid or even nerdy that is fine you are entitled to your own opinion. Well first of all rituals do not even have to be specifically religious or spiritual it  can be completely symbolic playing a different role in someone’s daily practice.

The reason why I am bringing the air guitar ritual up is because I am showing you that you can create any sort of ritual you please even one as silly as hell ! it is for your own amusement ,pleasure and goals if the ritual even entails a goal.

So anyways I performed a pseudo guitar ritual last night around 11:10 pm est to be exact. I turned on my I pod grabbed my broom and play the hell out of it with tunes ranging from metal, dub step and 1980’s glam rock. and you know what ? I played the hell out of that broom . I was Eddie Van Halen on crack !

I was dancing ,jumping doing some major foot steps only guitar legends could pull off ! it pumps your blood, releases stress ,works your muscles, large amounts of sweat and makes your imagination run wild for 10 to 30 minutes or so. depending on how much of a natural high you are on and by natural high I ado not mean marijuana because I know some of you would think that ;)

But if you are not into guitars grab a pan or bucket and beat that mother like a drummer that just won’t quit ! or be creative and make your own little gadget of madness !

So grab your brooms mops, or whatever you can get your hands on and work out your emotions and physical tension it is so good for your health.

By Gino Vaglivielo

How To Keep Your Penis Healthy

The constituent cavernous cylinders of the penis.

The constituent cavernous cylinders of the penis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok first of all let me state some of you out there might think this technique I am about to talk about is bogus, but like everything in life one must test a theory before saying it can not be done. now that I said that let’s begin.

There seems to be many methods to keep one’s penis healthy presuming you have one. They range from ejaculation to hygiene and everything in between. this one is very different from both of those areas but in the end it actually helps.

First of all you may want to be alone for this one if not you have an open minded partner. because I know some people do not want to see a naked body unless there is a sexual experience about to happen.

What you want to do is get a wash cloth run it under some warm tap water make sure it is saturated with water. then ring it some of the water but do not let it go on the dry side.

Then go to some where you feel most comfortable or relaxed and drop your shorts or pants.what you want to do is get a semi erection and then proceed to wrap the wash cloth around you penis.

Now remember not to tight just so as it is completely around it. now you wrap your whole hand around your penis almost like you are making a fist but not squeezing it or causing discomfort just the shape of a fist ok.

You want to slowly stroke your penis not fast or in an exciting motion. this is not masturbation guys. slowly stroke it up and down feeling the warm heat from the wash cloth enter your penis.

There may be times it stats to feel enjoyable and you want to stroke it harder avoid it this is for health issues keep that in mind. so as you stroke your penis up and down you can tell it is starting to get more erect that is good. but avoid getting a full erection you want to remain semi soft.

You want that blood flow to flow through your penis. the point if this is to send blood flow down to your penis everyday and stoking it works the muscle and makes it stronger. the reason why you are not masturbating is you want to build up tolerance to releasing semen. also you want to gain self control and learn how to last longer and not have so many mishaps.

You can still masturbate everyday just make sure you add this exercise for it promotes health for your whole body. it teaches discipline,focus, exercising your penis muscle and personal health.

This should  be practiced no more then ten to fifteen minutes a day. it works wonders and if you want to last longer in bed the whole discipline part helps out a lot. I have used it many times through out my life . just remember this this exercise is something that has to be performed  every week. if you do not want to do it everyday at least practice it three to four days a week. because if you slack off you will start to notice the difference.

If you do not believe me do some research on the internet always investigate the ramblings of others !

By Gino Vaglivielo

People in Satanism What Else Can I Say ?

Dessins de Martin van Maele.

Dessins de Martin van Maele. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello everyone,

Sorry it has been a while since I wrote on  blog. I’ve been so busy trying to get my shit  straight. For over two months now I have been doing a talk radio show with Sin Jones called called TOSNA Radio on blogtalk radio. The reason I have not been writing on this blog is. What more can I say about Satanism? It seems everything has been played out to the point of boredom plus everyone is speaking about the same old crap  Everyone has their own idea of what it is and how it should be practiced. I have my own form of Satanism. And I could talk all day about my personal Satanism. But what would it accomplish? What would you get from it? I’m just one individual exploring my own thoughts, feelings and views of the world. If you would like to know more about what I’m doing go to http://www.templesofsatan.net  or you can also go to youtube and look up my name Gino Vaglivielo and my videos will show up. I have a lot to do today so I have to run. I thank each and everyone of you for taking the  time to read my blog have a great day.

By Gino Vaglivielo