Satanic Meditation

Charging Bull, a bronze statue by Arturo Di Mo...

Charging Bull, a bronze statue by Arturo Di Modica at Bowling Green, Manhattan, New York City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes we need a little push in life and some that are willing to give it to us get frustrated about our stubbornness still I thought I would share this with everyone one of you.
I see a common thread in theistic satanism know one seems to embrace any form of meditation. It is a great tool a great technique to release physical ,mental and spiritual stress for if one part of us hurts I believe all the others will be affected by it.
I run into a lot of people that have this misconception that one has to perform rituals in order to rich a spiritual high a new level of knowledge and well being. Well you don’t theistic satanism is not all about rituals and spells far from it my friends.
It is about connecting with the deity we worship which is father Satan and praying to him and meditating is a great way to do so the more you perform these acts the closer the connection the more spiritual strength and knowledge will flow threw you.
Many people think meditation is a hard technique to perform it is not really for I have a body that is not very flexible. Plus people seem to think that the sitting position is the only way to do this it is not.
Most of the times when I meditate it is waking mediation or laying down mediation at first I thought it was not possible but as fast as I tried both the easier I realized it was.
I admit walking mediation is only advisable if you are in an area where there are no cars that would be a big mistake. A park walking threw your house or your own backyard is the best places. Even tho I would recommend being outside the flow of being around natural surrounding is best in my opinion.
You have to breath in a certain flow while performing the act of walking mediation. And you must walk slowly in a even pace you can not walk at your normal speed or you will feel overly pumped up, your body will feel stress and you will breath heavenly.It is almost like walking in slow motion when you make a scene in a film make the person look like they are moving an inch every three minutes or so.
I prefer laying down mediation but do not assume it is easier far from it the first couple times you do it your first reaction is to fall asleep but whatever you do do not let yourself fall asleep. The best thing is to lay flat on your bed with your hands straight against both sides of your body and your legs together. Please do not be stiff then it is pointless just to it enough where your body is aligned and take slow deep breaths.
You can think thoughts of being one with father Satan asking for his guidance his presence which if you are doing it right he will show up even if you do not ask him to has happened many times to me.
There is even a technique where you say the words I will only think positive thoughts and when you breath out you would say I release all negative thoughts out of my mind my body. Or you can just say I am releasing negative thoughts either way is fine do what is best for you.
Sometimes when one does either of these forms of mediation you can see entities appear or in some cases colors. I have seen red,blue and purple most of the time does not mean you will see the same colors or shapes or entities it all depends on the individual. Sometimes it helps people if they use prayer beads it can release a lot of unwanted energy or you can also intake energy as well pure energy which has neither positive or negative energies attached to it. Man puts those types of affects on energy energy is neutral in my opinion will cause it to be different.
I hope I have changed your mind on the idea of mediation remember daggers,chalices,candles, incense and swords can be great spiritual tools but mediation is also a great one as well.

By Reverend Gino Vaglivielo The Temples of Satan of The New Aeon

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One thought on “Satanic Meditation

  1. The Satanic Cult has been wrongly pictured by some bullshit asshole vested interest of the west, lets support the truth & accept only good for the man-kind.

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