Satanic Prayer Experiment With Buddhism

English: I drew this image of the 'lovecraftia...

English: I drew this image of the ‘lovecraftian’ entity Tsathoggua somewhere in the early 1990s. I gifted the original work to the Church of Satan in Amsterdam somewhere in 1996-1997 where it is still on display. It has not been published in any other way. Copyright of the drawing remains with me. I have several different scans of it. As far as I am concerned I allow wikipedia to use it as they want it. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dinner Prayer

Before we indulge in this meal of bounty
We turn our attention.
To our father Satan.
We thank him for this meal.
For all the meat and vegetables before us.
Were created by him to nourish our bodies and minds.
And all of those that our at the table sharing the feast with us.
Nourish our spirits .
Our minds connecting to our higher self’s
And you to you lord of the earth.
Our one true father Satan !

Satanic Day Time Prayer
Father of all living things
As I journey threw the day
Keep my eyes open wide to all surrounding me
May I not miss beauty of nature or the flesh of a woman
May I not miss moments of joy for they shall pass
Just like a blink of an eye
May I never miss wonder
For if I do thinking outside the box will cease to be
Keep me awake and always aware of the earth father satan

Bedtime Prayer

Falling asleep at last
I vow with Father Satan
To enjoy the darkness and silence
And rest in the unknown.
Hoping and waiting for answers in my slumber
To questions that have yet to unfold

By Reverend Gino Vaglivielo

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