Satan’s Messanger In A Dream

Shadows in the late afternoon.

Shadows in the late afternoon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Spirits running circles around the forth coming guru.
Hand picking him since birth his non ego is the key to success.
Others frown upon him thinking he is not what he says in the end.
Little do they know his honestly .
And human presence draws many in.
Not into lies or a hungry for wealth and power.
But for knowledge in the unknown and gathering amongst others.
Others from different point of views that share a common view.
Of things to come in father Satan’s future thoughts.
That are now upon us !
Not for show or tell but for the truth that in the end.
The only evil that exists is not in some ritual or spell.
But in the hearts of some men or women.
That reject his cause and want to destroy his children.
Of course in the very end the doubters and haters will see.
The Satanic guru will only reveal himself in your dreams.

By Reverend Gino Vaglivielo The Temples of Satan of The New Aeon


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