How To Keep Your Penis Healthy

The constituent cavernous cylinders of the penis.

The constituent cavernous cylinders of the penis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok first of all let me state some of you out there might think this technique I am about to talk about is bogus, but like everything in life one must test a theory before saying it can not be done. now that I said that let’s begin.

There seems to be many methods to keep one’s penis healthy presuming you have one. They range from ejaculation to hygiene and everything in between. this one is very different from both of those areas but in the end it actually helps.

First of all you may want to be alone for this one if not you have an open minded partner. because I know some people do not want to see a naked body unless there is a sexual experience about to happen.

What you want to do is get a wash cloth run it under some warm tap water make sure it is saturated with water. then ring it some of the water but do not let it go on the dry side.

Then go to some where you feel most comfortable or relaxed and drop your shorts or pants.what you want to do is get a semi erection and then proceed to wrap the wash cloth around you penis.

Now remember not to tight just so as it is completely around it. now you wrap your whole hand around your penis almost like you are making a fist but not squeezing it or causing discomfort just the shape of a fist ok.

You want to slowly stroke your penis not fast or in an exciting motion. this is not masturbation guys. slowly stroke it up and down feeling the warm heat from the wash cloth enter your penis.

There may be times it stats to feel enjoyable and you want to stroke it harder avoid it this is for health issues keep that in mind. so as you stroke your penis up and down you can tell it is starting to get more erect that is good. but avoid getting a full erection you want to remain semi soft.

You want that blood flow to flow through your penis. the point if this is to send blood flow down to your penis everyday and stoking it works the muscle and makes it stronger. the reason why you are not masturbating is you want to build up tolerance to releasing semen. also you want to gain self control and learn how to last longer and not have so many mishaps.

You can still masturbate everyday just make sure you add this exercise for it promotes health for your whole body. it teaches discipline,focus, exercising your penis muscle and personal health.

This should  be practiced no more then ten to fifteen minutes a day. it works wonders and if you want to last longer in bed the whole discipline part helps out a lot. I have used it many times through out my life . just remember this this exercise is something that has to be performed  every week. if you do not want to do it everyday at least practice it three to four days a week. because if you slack off you will start to notice the difference.

If you do not believe me do some research on the internet always investigate the ramblings of others !

By Gino Vaglivielo

4 thoughts on “How To Keep Your Penis Healthy

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  2. You forgot to mention some herbs and roots also promote good health and blood flow. Taking a daily regiment of ginger root helps these things also mint helps.
    Pornography would help also looking or watching it will get the blood flowing.

    vitamin e is great for the heart and promotes good blood flow.

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